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Meeting at:

Rushmere Hall Primary School

Lanark Road




At Rushmere Community Church we seek to love and value every person who walks through the door. Every person matters to God and we want to make sure that people feel safe and welcomed. Here are some things that you might like to know about us before you come: 


1. Meeting time and location. We meet every Sunday at 10:30am at Rushmere Hall Primary School (see visit us page). There is plenty of parking upon arrival and the entrance to the building is visible by two big flags outside the door. 


2. Welcome and Refreshments. You will be welcomed by our welcome team who can assist you and answer any questions. You will find plenty of information about us as a church on the tables

as you enter. Please feel free to take any of the information on the tables away with you. Refreshments are served in the hall where we have our service.


3. Service and Information. The main service starts at 10:30am with a welcome from the front from our Pastor, James. During our services there will be a time of song worship. There will also be a message from one of the church leaders as we seek to know God more and hear what it means to live out our faith in Jesus in the world around us. All the talks and messages are bible based and yet accessible to all with words printed on the screen. We aim to make sure that our teaching is accessible, practical and rooted in what God says about life and how we live.


4. People. One of the things we know is that people are all different. When it comes to doing church and worshipping God we are able to do this in our own way. When it comes to songs, some people stand and some sit. Some sing and some like to reflect on the words. 

5. Money! Lots of people wonder what the church does with money and why it needs it! For us as a church many of our members give of their financies to support the work of the church. Our income goes towards the rent of the school premises, paying the pastors salary, funding the role of the CAP debt centre manager, and putting on events to bless and love our local community. We also give to some christian charities both based in the UK and overseas. In our service there will be a time when we take up our offering. An offering bag will be passed around and people are welcome to put in some money if they are able to. Please do not feel under any pressure to give. 

6.Youth and Children. Our young people meet together and during the main service they are invited to head to their respective groups. Do let our welcome team know if you have children with you and they can direct you accordingly. 

7. More Information. Further details of who we are and different events can be found at our welcome table, on our website or Facebook page. Please visit our visit us page for more information.