We support World Horizons at The Chateau Blanc – Thumeries, Northern France.

The team serving at the Chateau Blanc initiate and host interdenominational prayer gatherings for the region and country. They also assist Korean students who want to learn French so that they can go on missions to French-African speaking countries. Groups can stay at the Chateau for working weekends or spiritual breaks. They have run Alpha courses at the Chateau.The team partner with a couple who recently bought a small chateau in the same village, Chris and Norah Morton, who seek to share Jesus and build relationships in that area of France. We have in the past had work parties to help with practical jobs at the Chateau but have not been for 2 years because of the Corona virus.


We support IMCares in Mumbai, India/

Timothy Gaikwad is the Director of IMCares. They are trying to reach out to the poor who live on the streets of Mumbai. They  also try to help those affected by HIV/AIDS. They work with vulnerable children rescuing some and giving them a home at the Agape Village in Paud where they are looked after in family groups and educated. More recently they have been targeting the disabled children who are often ignored and abandoned. During the pandemic they gave out bags of food and sanitary provisions to those living on the streets. They seek to glorify God as they serve the poorest of the poor.

We support Christian Youth Ministries (CYM)

Through the years CYM has been of great help to many of our young people. The work has changed more recently with the new base at Vauxhall Christian Trust where CYM will move to and have school groups, church youth groups and also encourage leaders of young people. For more information see https:/ Simon Scott is the director who leads the team. There are several school  Chaplains now helping in schools around Ipswich. This has been a particularly difficult time during the lockdowns and since schools have returned as many pupils have experienced mental health issues.


We support OM and the ship Logos Hope who James Edginton works for.

James is a member of RCC. He is based in Germany but will be working on the ship from February 2022 for 3 months. The Logos Hope will be in Ghana then. The Logos Hope team bring the Good News of Jesus to many places around the world and also help the people they visit in practical ways.


We support “A Little Bit of Hope” in the Butaleja district of Uganda.

This work has been going for 10 years this year started after a visit to Uganda by some of RCC young women. They hope to employ the first UK Staff Member this year. The team have helped with fixing boreholes, setting up apprenticeships, helping widows, and assisting with sanitation projects. A plan to tackle violence against women and girls has begun as there has been an increase since lockdown in 2020 due to the Coronavirus.