Contact details


If you would like to know more about us as a church, please contact our Pastor, James using the information below. 

Address: 25 Selkirk Road. Ipswich. Suffolk. IP4 3JB

Phone: 07595403218/

          Giving Financially

*If you would like to leave a donation to support the work at Rushmere Community Church, thankyou so much!

All our income comes directly from church members who are part of the RCC family. The money that the church receives helps pay

our pastor, our school rental costs and giving to local community events.


In addition we also support Christian charities both locally and overseas.

Our account is managed by our trustees who are responsible for all financial decisions as part of our status as a registered charity.


                                                                                                   COOP bank

                                                                   Account name: Rushmere Christian Fellowship   

                                                                                                Sort Code: 089299

                                                                                        Account Number: 65817445